Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday late report & getting better!?

We did not have internet Monday night so this was prepared Tuesday evening…for Monday..


We got to the repair place at 7AM Monday.  A little after 9PM we found out they are closed all of this week for the holidays.  I called the guy from Tiffin. He wanted me to turn around and go to Houston.  Nope it ain’t happening.  I said what about Phoenix.  He gave me two repair shops but didn’t have numbers.  He also said if going down the road I see some place I like, go ahead and have it repaired and give them his number. 

So we are off to Phoenix to arrive before Friday due to New Year’s Eve and all that stuff.

We stopped at Bastrop and had lunch with Frank & Marlene Hinman at this road house cafe.  What a hoot!DSC_0029

Notice Frank is in long pants….Marlene and PINK!!!DSC_0028

We called Tommie Sue and said so sorry, we ain’t gonna make it to their place again.  We did the same thing last year because of the real bad cold spell.  Her and the crowd (Bob & Molly) understand – at least they said they did.  The truth is that they weren’t going to have steak & shrimp so why go!

We made it to one of our favorite over night Passport America parks in Balmorhea, TX.  Hey, 600 miles today.  What a nice sunrise the next morning….. DSC_0032 DSC_0030

See Ya………….

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