Sunday, December 12, 2010

It Did What At Tiffin?

The howling wind woke me up at 3AM.  It wasn’t even the slide out toppers because I didn’t have any out. It was the actual wind.  Now I’m awake.  I was rested being that I was in bed by 9 PM.  Way to windy to drive and it was starting to get real cold.  I went back to bed to get warm.  Got up at 4AM and the wind had died done a LITTLE.  With 125 miles to go I wanted to get there and get that 50 AMP hook up and heat this baby up.  I stopped about 40 miles away at Wal-Mart and waited for their fuel station to open.  Hey, $2.99 gal I can wait. They opened and I took about 63 gal and went 567 miles. That’s 9 MPG, love it.  Last tank was 8 MPG in Livingston.  I arrived at Tiffin at 7 AM and got checked in their campground right away.  No water for the winter but they have a community water fill. 

I went 600 miles in 24 hours.  Could drive other 600 miles today but don’t have to.  Now my goal today is to get very warm with three electric heaters

At 8 AM it was 30 degrees and dropping, no sun, over cast  and the wind was really bad.  Then it happened.  I wasn't even thinking it could happen but it did, unbelievable! It friggin snowed and it was snowing sideways.  Just enough to say, “look at this.” Not much unless you are a full timer who chases the sun normally. Look Hard!  Gimmie a break, it’s snow.DSC_0002

I did have a problem with the new Garmin early this morning (Sun).  It didn’t want to give voice instructions.  I did just about everything you could to include turning off, rebooting it, changing settings, plus others, then it just started working.  Our other one had problems with obtaining voice instructions too.  With that we would get out of the route go into the language and reset it, but not with this one.  I will figure the glitch out sooner or later.

As most of you realize I prepare this blog during the evening and very early the next morning.  It’s now 6AM Monday and my handy dandy outside temp gauge is reading 18 degrees and the wind is still ripping. I got three electric heaters going in the living room and it’s barely staying at 63 degrees.  I guess I will break out the Buddy LP heater today.  Tonight it’s suppose to get colder. Why am I here?

See Ya……………..


  1. Dennis, why aren't you running your furnaces or is that one of the reasons your at the factory? Bob

  2. I don't like running the furnances because of the smell, noise and the 30-40% of the heat that goes out the coach. Dennis