Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Texas, New Mexico & Arizona


And 435 miles and we are in Willcox, AZ.  Yes it is spelt Willcox – two L’s. 

Going down the road you can see where two of the three animals are. DSC_0041  We’re at another Passport America – not to bad.  $18 bucks for FHU, 50 AMP, cable TV & internet. Plus, a free waffle breakfast starting at 7AM.  This is at Fort Willcox campground.

I forgot to tell the rest of the water tank saga yesterday.  We are going thru Texas which gives everybody time to think for sure being so big.  Anyhow, we gave Sharon & Don a call. They get their Tiffin serviced at La Mesa in Tucson. They gave us a good report on them and their tele number.  I called them and their first opening was Thursday morning so we took it.  Tomorrow (Wed) we will try and get a spot at the Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson.  It’s a first come first serve thing.  I called them and they are expecting 8 departures. It’s getting colder and colder each night.  The next few nights in AZ are gonna be damn cold.  Where’s the warm weather?  Anybody got first hand info on the Aqua Hot System dry camping, going down the road and general usage?  If so, email me at rvschool@wizwire.com please.

Our datastorm is working here.  Last night it wasn’t and it said something about it couldn’t range in.  Steve Oboksy our duty expert said it was a Hughs problem and not an equipment thing.  Hey it’s working now………..

It’s great being back on the road…….

See ya…….

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