Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RVers Weather - RV For Sale!

NOT….It’s very windy today (not like Yuma though), cold (45 degrees) and raining.  This morning I have to take the RV in the repair shop at 9AM to get the Norcold frig recall done.  First I have to do a dump before we leave.  Our gray water is over filled.  I don’t want to move with a full grey water tank.  If I was too move the water would splash out the drains/shower and make a mess.  Been there done that.  Just another day in a RVer’s life.

I don’t know if it’s the lifestyle or old age but I really am starting to hate any coldness below 50 degrees.  Hot weather I can deal with.  Just get naked and run around.  I know just layer your clothing for cold weather but then I feel like a penguin and can’t move.

Arrived at Joel West RV Repair at 9AM.  I was in out by 9:45.  They installed a small device that detects high temps (near fire temps) and will shut down the frig.  I like my preventative device better.  I got it from Mac the Fire Guy.  It’s a fire sensitive fire extinguisher.  It has one of those do dads like you see in ceilings at stores.  I installed it myself. That means I screwed two screws into the wood at the rear of the frig (outside).  Rick West (son of Joel West – duh) asked me some questions about it.  He loves it and wants to sell them at his shop/store.  I will get him in touch with Mac McCoy the fire guy.

Here’s the device that Norcold is installing on the Frig’s with it’s last recall.DSC_0001

Here’s our device.  My device is bigger and safer….DSC_0002

Well, we have entertained the thought and now we have decided to sell the Phaeton and go with a BIGGER older RV.  If you know of someone that might be interested let us know quick.  It’s a 2008 40’ QDH and I might leave the Good Sam warranty (expires 2012) with it.  Contact us at 530 878-0111 or email at rvschool@wizwire.com for a lot more details.  Price depends on what I leave on the coach like the solar panels/system, datastorm, etc.  It’s priced in the 150’s accordingly. DSC_0004

See Ya……………

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