Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cats Are In Power

The dog wants to know why the cat has taken over her bed. The cat sleeps where she wants and lately she has been staying in the dog’s bed.DSC_0002

The dog thought the cat would never leave.DSC_0003

Let’s see who is here in Phoenix this past week getting their RV repaired. Bob & Molly, Tommie Sue & Harrell & Bill Fisher that I can remember. What’s up with that?

Here at RV Renovators they came in and took some more measurements and looked at the wood tone. They haven’t brought anything in yet. I guess they will build inside their shop and bring it all out.

I installed a towel holder in the bathroom and two soap dispensers in the shower.  The brownie points are starting to build again.

They parked someone so close to my passenger side we can just barely open our door. We have about a foot of clearance – that’s close.  Tomorrow (Friday) we will need to dump and fill.  That will be interesting because I saw where the dumps are at – behind several rigs.

46 days to go…..

See ya……….

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