Monday, March 21, 2011

Low Tire Pressure & the Good & Bad Attitudes

I forgot to mention yesterday that I can’t use the air on the Beast to fill up my tire that needs about 30 lbs of air.  The air connection on the Beast is an unusual one meaning that no other air connectors (5) that I bought for it will match it.  I bought a new common connector for the Beast but haven’t installed it yet.  I’m a little leery of doing it. They do have an air pump at the exit of the park that I will probably use when we leave Friday.

Why are people outside our RV taking pictures. Oh, we are in about 4-6 inches of water due to the heavy rains last night and can’t get out without swimming lessons.  The dog will have to brush up on her dog paddle before we take her out. 


The mat is underwater. DSC_0006  DSC_0021 

Our outside temp gauge got a little wet. It’s under a couple of inches of water. DSC_0007

I got NO HELP what so ever from the park ( 3 different workers?) when I asked for a board so we could get out of our RV without stepping in 4-6 inches of water.  As a matter of fact, they were abrupt and were too busy handling mundane things to handle this “minor” problem.  We were one of two RV’s that got swamped in.  I pulled over the picnic table to our door step and we are good to go.  Same ole same ole of let me find a reason not to help rather yes I can help!DSC_0023

Earlier - I got a phone call at 8AM this morning from MorRyde. They apologized for the shipping miss quote and will credit our charge card today accordingly.  That’s the way it should be handled when a mistake is made.  Thank you MorRyde.

Bill & Joyce are due in tomorrow and they have an air compressor I can use they said. Great….

My freezer slide tray is due in tomorrow.  I can’t install it unless I get wader boots because of all the water.  Other thing that will be carried around in the car I guess. Hey, it will dry out one day.  The Beast did not have one water leak.  That’s REAL good……

See ya……….

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