Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hold Them Accountable

Here’s another company that is not doing what is expected.  Morryde..  I ordered a freezer slide drawer last Thursday from them.  They quoted me a price of $295 plus $50-$70 shipping. If the shipping was anymore they would call me.  Friday I got an email shipping notice.  Friday night I checked my credit card and they charged me $140 in shipping vice $50-70 with no phone call.  If Morryde would have called me and said it would cost $140 to ship I would have cancelled for sure. That’s probably why they didn’t call.  I sent them an email this morning and they replied it would be addressed Monday.  I hope so.  It needs to be addressed before Tuesday when they try to deliver it and I refuse it.  Then I call the credit card company and tell them it was an unauthorized charge.  Shame on Morryde……….

I’m still owed 50 bucks from another company that messed up delivery and was suppose to be credited back to me last week. I just checked my credit card again and it was finally credited back.  Quick to charge and slow to credit.

I hold all companies & public offices to a standard that is expected by us the public. If they screw up, OK, fix it.  If not or they are slow, I friggin go after them with emails and phone calls relentlessly just like we all should.

Moonie.  I looked at this moon that was so to be soo big, etc., and it was no “big” deal.  I’ve seen a lot bigger and better moons just this past January in Quartzsite.

What’s happening Sunday – NASCAR Day…………..and it’s suppose to start raining for a couple of days.

59 days to go……….

See ya……………….

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