Saturday, March 5, 2011

Water, Cat & Automatic

Those three things should not me in the same sentence much less situation.  I topped off the fresh water tank.  About a half hour later I checked the gauge for the tank . I just calibrated it the other day.  Now it showed 3/4 tank. No big deal so I recalibrated it. The little cat, Rainbow, was being all lovey dovey to me which meant she was out of food in the bedroom. She had water on her head and back for some reason. I went back to the bedroom sink and it was flooded.  I installed an automatic water dispenser on the faucet for the cats in the bedroom sink.  Evidently she got it stuck open some how and I had about a 1/4 tank of fresh water all over the place.  It was soaked.   DSC_0001

Here’s the culprit.DSC_0003

Hey guys, what do you do when you need rags right NOW?  You just grab something.  Carol’s drawer was right next to the flooded area.  I ain’t saying nothing more.“Hey honey, I cleaned the carpet while you were gone!”  Needless to say I took the automatic water thing off.  Hey, I least I haven’t over filled the black water tank yet (in this rig).  It’s on my “honey” do list. Pun intended. During this excitement I went and got the big flashlight to see where the water was coming from at first.  Dead batteries.  No problem I got a lot of batteries and the right size.  Put the batteries in and it worked fine.  Was looking in the cabinet and the bulb went poop – burnt out.  Oh well, things weren’t too good at the time anyhow.    I found Carol’s stash of sodas during this mess. While I was moving them from the flooded area I dropped one on the tile floor.  It wasn’t really that bad.  Carol had another drawer nearby so it wasn’t that big of mess. I did some laundry today.  Hey, I hope Dawn dish detergent is alright to use, it’s soap.  We got a real clean sewer pipe now too.  Honey, the new coach awaits your return.  Oh, I didn’t wash the sheets because I figure your side wasn’t dirty.  Plus, I was almost out of Dawn and still needed to clean the grease off the stove from all them taters I’ve been cooking. The wind was really blowing here in Yuma today so I thought I would dust inside the RV – I opened all the windows.  Oh, we are almost out of paper plates and plastic forks too!

I moved over to the fairgrounds later that day.  We got briefs on parking by the fairgrounds and then had a parking crew meeting.   DSC_0009 DSC_0020

Then it was time to break out the Texas smoked pulled pork for the potluck.  I even introduced my Tabasco pulp pork.  It all seemed to go over very well. Hey, it’s free so they’re weren’t any complaints.  Maybe we will prepare something a little different next year. After dinner we sat around and everybody introduced themselves and tell stories.  Folks, this is RVing to the max.  This is what it’s about for us – meeting new friends (and then leaving them – just kidding).  We don’t say good bye, we say see ya.

“ I hope my computer don’t crash.”DSC_0039

Laughing or napping?DSC_0046

Nick looks like a little baby . Is he napping?DSC_0047 DSC_0054 DSC_0057

Oh Lord, is it Friday yet!DSC_0038

Is Nick happy or what? Nick, it’s just a phone. It’s us guys and our gizmos that keep us happy. Food helps too!DSC_0041

How sweet it is…….

See ya……..

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