Friday, March 25, 2011

Melt Down

In short we arrived at Redlands RV/Truck Repair on time at 8 AM Friday.  A little after noon we were on the road.  A 100 miles later (2 PM) I decided to do a walk around.  Good thing I did because we were in the process of having a melt down from the work that Redlands performed.

Right side…. hub was scorching hot.  The plastic view cover was melted. Spartan hub cover gone..


Left side….. very hot and view cover melted and gone.DSC_0005 DSC_0006

I called Redlands (Keith the owner) and he said they would send a mobile axle repairman out and take care of it.  He showed up 3 hours later.  About 9 PM we were on the road again.  The repairman said the chances of it catching fire were great if we had continued .  We left but only got 30 miles and one side heated up again. The  Repairman was called again and came out to us.  We tried to go west but only got 10 miles and the axle started heating up again.  At 11 PM at Desert Center the repairman said he would spend the night in his big truck and stay with us so he could start work on it first thing in the morning.  He said he would take one side apart and go get bearings for it.  The other side appears to be OK so far. First appearance is that the bearings were over tighten on both sides by Redlands. RV/Truck Repair.   So here we set……

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