Wednesday, March 23, 2011

60 AMPS And Getting “Stuff” Done

Yep, we’ve become one of “those” people that need the amperage. Last night in got into the 30s.  When I got up at my 4 AM all heat was turned off.  It was 53 degrees in the Beast. I didn’t turn the heat off. Carol was the last to bed and she said she didn’t turn it off.  Yea right. I guess our friendly ghost did. Anyhow, I had to turn off the electric hot water and the frig so I could run two heat pumps on 30 amps. This resulted in me pulling in 29 amps which is really too much on a 30 amp circuit.  Things start heating up at that amperage. So, if I was to leave the frig on, the electric hot water on that means that I would need about  55-60 amps. Oh wow, I am one of “those” amp hogs.  Oooops the Energy Management System (EMS) just shut down one heat pump.  Instead of blowing circuits this systems shut things down until the amps come back up then it turns things back on in order.  Pretty neat system. Our Winnebago Ultimate had one but our Tiffin didn’t.  I switch the heating system over to the diesel Hydro Hot and see how that would do. I can heat the lake outside from the exhaust heat too. Yes, the diesel Hydro Hot system Gets Her Done…

Today was a busy one and we were half way ready to handle it. We went to breakfast at our little Ma Pa place in nearby Sun City.  This place kinda wore on us. While eating breakfast a transport company called and said they were at the campground making the delivery which turned out to be our freezer slide. They left it at the front gate which is pretty normal.  When we returned we got the back of the car ready and put it in there.  I knew I would not have time to install it.  Next thing you know it was about lunch time.  Carol got one of those migraine headaches and that just about put her down for the day. 

Jerry O stopped by to say Hi. That was a nice surprise. He works at the California RV Show (RVIA Pomona Show)CA RV Show (click on seminars once there).  We fixed the world problems and talked about how it use to be.  I believe he said him and his wife have been full timing for either 14 or 19 years.  He usually gets involved in the operations for big RV shows.  We will see him again in October.  He did lend me his caulking gun so I could apply some sealant on the roof on some possible leakage areas. I did that and used about a half of tube. Of course it rained a couple of hours later.

I also had to install the magnets on the windshield for the Magne Shade. Some people would say it looks fine but I see wrinkles from being cut to big.  The pole to apply the thing to windshield arrived later today.

Then it was time to dump & fill with water. I do this the day before in cold weather. Most full time RVers do. It only got up to 55 degrees today.  Tomorrow morning it would have been a little too cool to mess with that stuff. So why not do it the day before.

Since Carol wasn’t feeling good we said our See Ya’s to Bill & Diane before dark.  It was short put we got to swap some stories with them. Earlier Bill lent me his Newmar air hose to fill up my right rear tag from 50 to 75 lbs.  I had to start my engine and air up the tanks of course. This caused a secondary problem which I will explain later if I don’t forget. Anyhow, I got a good look at the unusual air connector that Newmar uses.  I thought I had one.  Shorn up, I had one connector like it and installed it on my air hose and viola – I have my own now.  I think it’s a 2B connector if you are really wondering which I doubt.  Oh the secondary problem of airing up is that we lost the satellite signal because the coach shifted a little bit while filling the air bags. Then it started to rain again. So we lost the satellite completely and it couldn’t find it.  This is why we go into the King Dome shop tomorrow, duh…..

We took care of a lot of things that just added up like a normal day for us before we move with a few extra things thrown in. We are trying to tame this “Beast”.  Someone said with all the water we were in here lately that we should rename the Beast the Ark.  Well, the animals have been fed and we are getting to row out of here tomorrow.  Yea – On The Road Again…

See ya……

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