Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kinda Slow & A Fun Day

Today was pretty easy.  I had two seminars and helped Nick with his by showing up with a kayak.  Then Carol & i got to drive some golf carts blind folded. That was very interesting and fun too.  At the closing ceremony I got the one and only firggin bright orange Gypsy Journal Rally shirt.  It’s BRIGHT and really enjoy getting it. It got up to 88 degrees inside the rig today.  We got the sun beating down on one entire side of the RV all day and it cooked inside. We finally got low amps so we could turn on one AC (12 amps). It got us cooled down pretty quick.

I also borrowed Greg White’s Sears air compressor during the day and pumped my front tires up to 120 lbs.  That compressor is one working machine for sure. That 120 psi is above the 115 lbs I want but I can let air out easier than but it in at that high of pressure. By weight charts I should be at 110.  I was at 85 lbs and that’s way too low.  Pumping these front tires up will also shift some weight to my rear tag axle where I got a lot of room for more weight.

King Dome TV satellite – what poor coordination on their part.  They took 5 days before they shipped a part out that was suppose to got out immediately.  Then a normal 4 days shipping.  It’s due to arrive tomorrow after we leave. I already paid a mobile guy to come out to diagnosis the problem and reinstall the new device.  Oh well my lost.  That was King Dome’s feeling too.  SOB’s.  I don’t ever plan on having another one.  It even gets more complicated than that and too much more to mention.

I ordered some transport auto wrap for our trip to Alaska.  They sent it to friggin Texas vice here in Yuma.  When I called them they went oops we sent it to the billing address vice the shipping address.  Now I paid shipping to Texas and have to now pay for it to be shipped by the Escapees to California our next stop. Then I have to try and get credit some how from the company.  That’s going to be fun. Why oh why……..! I ought to not pay for that portion of my credit card. That should get them excited…..

Tomorrow we leave for Menifee, CA (near Hemet) about 230 miles to Carol’s land dancing rally.  I can hardly wait (sarcasm intended). The drive should be nice.  We get to see how the Dutch Star does while traveling in hot weather.  The Dutch Star has done pretty good in very cool weather so far. It’s 4 AM and I got to do some RV School work.

See ya……………….

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