Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air & Full Of It, King Dome, Mattress & Elks

Airing tires is what a lot of RVers neglect.  I’m a stickler for correct tire pressure and monitor my EIGHT tires very regularly. On the road constantly with my Pressure Pro.  When setting about every few days to a week.  Since I never had a tag axle before I had some newbie questions.  I went to Neil LeKander who has over 30 years as a tire engineer. He pulled out my weight sheet from SmartWeigh.  I was heavy in the front but not over.  Run them at 115 lbs he said. All of the rear tires to include the tag tires, the Beast was very underweight and run them all at the minimum of 75 lbs.  Michelin says this is the minimum to run them at he said.  This will also take some weight off my front axle and shift it to the rear. Neil said I should reweigh because of the major tire pressure change.  I was running less in the front and more in the rear.  I was wrong.  Since we are getting major renovations done by RVRenovators starting next week, yes we should get reweighed for sure.  I will first get weighed at a truck stop then at the Escapade 2011. The Escapade is going to be a big hoot.  Jimmy Travis is going to be there and this guy is funny.  You better take extra underwear when you see this guy he’s that good.

Have you noticed the internet links that I’m using more and more often.  I think they are so cool.  I forget about them then I rediscovered them.

We arrived at 9 AM at Independence RV just a few miles down the road. Parking was a little tight.DSC_0001

They installed a circuit board to our King Dome and we were gone by 10 AM.

We then went to Sam’s just up the road to get our queen size mattress.  Isn’t this called downsizing, right? We picked out the Serta Queen.  It was fun getting it in the front door.  Hey a little jelly at it went right in.  We will deliver our Newmar King mattress to Carole & Bernie tomorrow afternoon hopefully.  As you can see two mattresses are a bit more than needed. We don’t need a step stool we need a friggin ladder.DSC_0004

Then we went on up to the Fontana Elks.  We got an end sight with W/E 30 AMPS for $15.

Art & Caroline are just down the road getting their RV repaired.  We thought we would surprise them and drove over.  No body home.  We called them while setting in front of their RV.  They were setting at our RV going to surprise us.  We surprised each other for sure. We had a very good laugh. We drove back real quick and had a nice little get together for a few hours.  They had some perishables so they skipped going out to dinner.  We said our See Ya’s and they departed.DSC_0003

Tomorrow we have to to get on the road again just for a few miles to Redlands RV/Truck repair to arrive by 8AM.  Then on to Denny & Susie’s at North Ranch near Congress, AZ.

See Ya………….

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