Monday, March 14, 2011

Working For those Points

I made Belgian Waffles for Carol this morning.  No surprise since she knew I found the machine  yesterday in the bowels of the Beast.  That got me a few points.

Then she got to line dance all day.  I just did little things around the RV.  I figured I would change the water filters since we just came from Yuma.  It took me 15 minutes to find the water filter wrench.  I’m still not organized underneath.  Once the cabinets/desks get built I can do my reorganize. For now that stuff that will go in them is underneath. Anyhow, in Yuma I was running 3 filters, a sediment, a loose charcoal, and a block charcoal. I changed the first two.  The sediment was only slightly brown.  This meant that the water was really that bad where I filled up. One filter is permanently mounted. Then I have my two extra filters which I hook up in line outside of the Beast.

I went up on the roof and cleaned-waxed the King Dome and the Motosat internet dishes.  The last few mornings they have had condensation on them and it basically shut them down.  They worked fine the next morning or you wouldn’t be reading this.

We went to dinner with Craig & Teri Lu down in Temecula which is south of us.  Traffic wasn’t that bad.  We wanted to go to a Thai restaurant but it was closed on Mondays as we found out upon arrival.  Many years ago we use to go to a Mexican place down here.  We found it, The Guadalajara. Pretty nice and not real expensive.

We got pack to he park about 7PM just in time for the girls to go to the night time line dancing.  Hey, sun up to sun down there is line dancing and that is why Carol likes it here so much. (brownie points)

See ya……..



See ay……………

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