Friday, March 4, 2011

What A Move

A whopping 20 mile move today.  I went over to Jerry & Arlyne’s lot in the Foothills of Yuma.  This will be for one night then I move over to the rear of the Yuma Fairgrounds with the Parking Crew for the Gypsy Journal. DSC_0002-1 

En route today I stopped and got fuel.  It had gone up only 10 cents since yesterday evening so it cost me $6 bucks more to fuel up today rather than yesterday. There goes another Denny’s breakfast.  I’m glad I had just over a half of tank. I had gone 461   miles since my last fill up.  So this was my first kinda normal fill up.  I averaged 7.5 MPG which is just OK considering it was more than normal city/stop & go traffic.  I should be able to go over 900 miles on a 3/4 tank (150 capacity). If this baby gets 8 MPG normally I will be very happy.

David Cross stopped by to welcome me to  the neighbor hood.  We met him and his wife Lynn at the recent Escapees Boot Camp in Congress, AZ.  We swapped stories about our fuel mileage and hyrdo hot systems.  We will meet them again tomorrow since they are on the parking crew for the Gypsy Journal also.

Oh, people said I must have made a mistake about the cost of washing this 43’ and the car for only $35.  My reply is that they have never been to Yuma.  That’s about the going price around here and you can even get it done for $25.  They bring soft water so there is no water spots and they squeegee the windows. This is the second time since we got this (Jan) that I had it washed.  The first time I got it washed and hand waxed (McGuire's wax) for $100.  You can get any size RV washed at Blue Beacon for $36 and some will dry for another $15 (Eloy, AZ).

I went out to diner with Jerry & Arlyne to Applebee’s. Our waitress was 8 months pregnant.  She got a big tip.  I had a shrimp fajitas and it was a knock out of the park to me.  Shrimp up the ying yang. I like shrimp….

See Ya…………..

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