Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mission Completed

After breakfast Carol & I rethought what we wanted in cabinets and where.  We changed everything.  Size, placement and what ever.  We basically made it simple to build.  Mission completed.

It was time to cut the board on the bed pedestal down to a queen bed size. Hey, all you need is a few tools and the nerve to do it.  Denny lent us the tools and Carol gave me permission to use my nerve. Basically we cut about 5 inches off each side.  Mission completed. DSC_0005-1

Next was taking the couch apart and getting out the door.  It was easy.  We just had to “Get Er Done”.  Mission accomplished.  Then with Walt Gunn’s help we took it to town and dropped it off at the Habit For Community.  Thanks Walt.  Mission completed.

DSC_0001-1 DSC_0002-1 DSC_0006-1

Then Carol & I went down to Bernie & Carole Patton’s place.  We helped them exchange their mattress out with ours.  Mission completed.

Next I wanted to change the air filter on the 400 HP Beast’s heart. It’s fuel mileage was 5.6 MPG the last fill up and not much better before.  Hopefully the added air will help the Beast’s heart.  It was a little tricky but I just kept working on it and I got it off.  Then putting the new one on wasn’t as hard but was still difficult.  Mission accomplished.DSC_0007-1

NASCAR – what a way to end the race! It was great.

Kellie fixed us all a real nice chicken dinner.  She even fixed some taters that were really good.  Next thing we knew it was 8 PM and time for us to say our “See Ya’s now vice in the AM when we depart.

Tag axle update – poo poo.  Still leaking and over heating. Will take it to a shop in the near future that’s familiar with Spartan chassis and their tag axles.DSC_0009-1

See ya…..

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