Saturday, March 12, 2011

Are They Gone Yet?

Early today it happened.  We got campers as neighbors.  We forgot what campers are because we have been around the “older” crowd.  Hey, we all have been campers. I will remind you what they are because we just got a refresher course.  Campers have 2 or 3 kids.  I couldn’t count them because they were moving too fast.  The entire family have bicycles that park close to your walls of your home.  They have two big dogs and they bark at everything to include the wind.  They tie them up so they can reach your water & sewer lines.  Of course one is a male. Need I say more. They have a diesel pick up that is parked within two feet of your home.  Of course the kids are constantly going in an out of the pick up slamming doors. Their RV has an outside sound entertainment system. They want everybody in the park to know they have one. It was not the thumping type music thank goodness.  Of course they have brought an entire green tree to burn in their campfire.  Oh the smell of smoked pine late night. They bring enough lanterns to light up southern California.  Are you having flash backs yet.  Or are you laughing at us in our “Camping Refresher Course 101”?  Hey, been there done that ourselves!

Our site is special.  We get to meet everybody in our area.  We have “things” that protect us from the wind.  We have a new smell that covers up the smell from the nearby large dairy farm.  We are so lucky to be in our “spot”.  It just reminds us of all the good “spots” we have had and the new ones that will be next.  If it weren’t for the few bad ones we couldn’t tell what a good one is.DSC_0004

Yes, we have geese that decided to homestead in our front year.  Ain’t that cute!DSC_0002


I forgot they crap a lot. I thought this picture would brighten your day.  They left us a big mine field when they departed us in search of new arrivals to feed them. Yes it did belong to a goose. Many of these are left to tell where they have been.DSC_0007

Craig & Teri Lu are here for the Line Dancing Rally.  They arrived today and are one stone throw away.

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