Sunday, March 6, 2011

Park Park Park Park Park

Dick Reed & I parked over 50 RV’s today.  Job well done if I say so myself and I do.  Guess what? Only one idiot who complained that he didn’t have 10 feet on the driver side of his RV. This was a very young Escapee & Boomer (decals) in a Safari with no slides. He was really giving me a ration of poo.  I was in disbelief and really thought he was joking at first and told him so.  I offered to move him and he said if he had to start his engine he would leave. I told him that I would personally refund his money and he could & should depart now. He declined. I asked if he was a fulltimer and he hesitated and said  yes. He needed an education in RV Rally Parking 101. 

I had lunch and dinner about 7PM or so which was my fault.  I just wanted to get everybody parked like everyone else.  Great parking team….

Carol arrived 10:30PM at the Yuma Airport.  She only had to walk across the street to the fairgrounds. Not…..I picked her up.  She said the RV passed her inspection and was glad that I had cleaned the carpet so well at the bedroom sink.

Tomorrow we have to set up our booth.  We also have to get Carol’s military ID card taken care. It’s getting ready to expire.

See ya…………

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