Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Beast

I named the Phaeton Farton. It just fit.  It was Carol’s turn to name this one.  She said if she named it, could we put the name across the back in real big letters. I said sure. She said in that case, name it “For Sale”. She was just kidding, kinda. Hence, Carol has proclaimed our 43’ Dutch Star as “The Beast” like in Beauty and the Beast.  I didn’t ask who was the Beauty because I’m pretty low in “honey points” right now.

Today I installed Mac The Fire Guy’s automatic fire extinguisher in the back of the frig.  I had it in the Phaeton and had removed it.  I also put wire loom on the wires close to anything hot. So with the frig having the Norcold newest update, an automatic fire extinguisher and loom over wires, this Norcold has been maxed out for safety. We also now travel with the LP turned off.  In the past we have ran with it on.  This Norcold is packed tight.  We are just being extra safe and it really didn’t cost that much and the peace of mind is priceless of course.

I’ve been back in searching for things underneath that have gone missing in action.  I found Carol’s Belgian waffle maker but not Don’s pamphlet on the Silverleaf I sold him.  I will continue to look of course.  Maybe it’s in …………

Oh, our friendly next door “camper” departed late today.  Their dog started barking about 6AM this morning.  I was awake so no great loss for ME.

Carol registered for her line dancing and have met many of her fellow dancers. She’s happy and I’m racking up the points.

See ya…….

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