Monday, March 7, 2011

Hold On Here We Go

Up & gone by 7:00 AM.  We figured we would go to the Marine Corps Air Station here in Yuma and get Carol’s military ID card updated.  But first it’s Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  We had a nice breakfast and walked out paying $11.22 for it plus a tip.  We split one of their big breakfast and even have left overs. Then we arrived at base about 8:15 or so.  We know that base offices open at 8AM.  Wrong……things have changed.  Now their offices here at this base open at 9AM.  It must be nice for the troops.  Anyhow, we decided to go get the Mariner get it’s 10K mile service.  We went to the local Ford dealer and pulled right in.  One hour later we got the car back and they even washed it – no cost for nothing.  This is my kind of service.  We went back to base and Carol got her ID card.

Got back to the fairgrounds and things were starting to rock and roll with the vendors, etc.  We are seeing a lot of friends and way too many to mention.  Come 3 o’clock the opening ceremony commenced.  Nick & Terry did their thing and were very well received.  The vendors got to introduce themselves.  The crazy ladies now have a ice cream truck and they provided free ice cream to everybody.  I just don’t know how they are going to do it. They got an old pink converted van for their ice cream truck.  Good Luck….

Then there was the expert panel.  We helped some people with some basic knowledge of RVing.  I did participate so it was very basic & short when I was called upon.

Then it was dinner time at Applebee's Carol’s favorite.  They had $2 margaritas and appetizers for 1/2 price.  We didn’t get back in time for the prize give away, oh well.

Carol did something to her TV in the bedroom.  It was working this morning but she pushed too many buttons and now it don’t work. I guess she will have to get Bob Pinner and take him to bed bedroom to fix “Things” again.

See ya…………..

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