Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animals At Peace

Today the workers from RV Renovators were in and out taking more detailed measurements and looking at the color of the wood.

This is our heard resting before they start on their never ending adventures in their playground. They very seldom lay all together.  Patches, the cat on the left, is sleeping in the dog bed.DSC_0004

They change napping areas often. These two are buddies.DSC_0001-1

I washed the bugs off the front of the rig and then went all the way around the rig as far as I could reach going up.  It was the old bucket way with no running water.  The Beast wasn’t real dirty so it wasn’t that bad. Hopefully I will do the higher up sometime soon.

People have asked what the windshield cover looks like up close so here it is.  Don said for me to call the company rep and tell him that I’m not happy with it.  It’s on my list.DSC_0002-1

Later in the day we went to Harbor Tools. Carol found her solar lights that she has been looking for and they were on sale. Then we went to Trader Joe’s just for a lookey lou.  Yep, it was a Trader’s Joe. Then on the the way back we saw a Chinese Buffet for $6.99 including your drink.  We figured what the hell. It wasn’t too bad. We would go back.  They even had crawfish which I managed to put down a few.  They lacked that Cajun flavor for sure.

Now it’s American Idol time and a quiet night.

48 days to go…

See ya………….

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