Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Houston – We Got A Problem!

It wasn’t an hour after posting yesterday’s blog that I found a problem that all RVers dread.  I even ended the blog referring to it and it said “The Beast did not have one water leak.  That’s REAL good……”.  Well, the Beast was peeing on me like a drunk in an alley. After a towel went down on the floor I removed the speaker from the ceiling and that is where the water was coming from.  I stuffed that orange towel up in the ceiling and wringed it out twice right then.  Since the water was leaking out of the speaker I guess you can say it was “troubled waters”. Old folks might remember the song something about a bridge over troubled waters. I might have lost most of you going down that road.DSC_0001 DSC_0002

I went up on the roof against Carol’s wishes and saw nothing unusual at first.  Then I was on the hunt and found the sealant around the factory solar panel for the chassis batteries was cracked all the way around. It was a very clear separation but ever so slight.  It was within a foot of the speaker below.  So, I can’t do nothing until it dries out a little bit.  I think I’m going to put aluminum/putty tape around it for now.  Then when I get in some real good hot weather I will remove it and put some regular medium self leveling caulk on it.  Hopefully this is where the water was coming in from.  Time will tell especially since it suppose to rain Wednesday evening.

We went to nearby Sun City with Bill & Diane for dinner.  It was a Ma Pa type restaurant and the food was OK not outstanding.  We would go back.  Carol had liver & onions and I chicken fried steak.  $4.99 each, .99 sodas. Hey, it was one of those little places we will go back to.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005


We went to the Super Wal-Mart in Hemet earlier today.  Have you noticed the price of canned goods lately.  The items we normally get have gone up 20 to 40 cents a can.  Welcome back to high fuel prices.

Tomorrow will be an especially busy day. Fix the leak of course, pick up the freezer slide, pick up the windshield pole, straighten up my area for travel and that will never be done completely.  Thursday we go to the repair guy for the King Dome at 9AM. Then we go up the road to Sam’s to pick up a mattress. Then onto Fontana Elks and hopefully they will have a site.  We’ve stayed there before.  Then Friday we have to be Redlands RV/Truck repair at 8AM to check out the left rear tag axle on the Beast.  Hopefully it’s something minor and we can be on our way by lunch.

We will arrive at Denny & Susie’s in time for our steak dinner hopefully.  I was told they have steak every time a friend visits.  They have a lot of friends.  Now if you visit Tommy Sue and Harrell they fix you steak & shrimp on the grill. If you visit Bob & Molly she will bake you a pie.  If you visit us in Texas you will get some smoked pulled pork.  If we visit you what would we get?

56 days to go…….

See ya…………..

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