Sunday, March 20, 2011


Great race but boring at times.  Winner – same ole same ole…..Kyle Bush 5 times….

I have found everything I’ve been looking for the last few months except two things. Our walkie talkies and a Pressure Pro monitor device (goes on tire) that I just bought at the Gypsy Journal Rally. Well, I was thinking about the Pressure Pro device and just said I wish I could find it.  A few minutes later I was getting my camera out and there it was in the camera bag. I think our RV ghost put it in there. I immediately put it on my tag axle with the slow seal leak.  It worked fine.  I put my spare sensor on the other tag axle wheel.  It didn’t worked.  I took one off my car and put it on the same tag axle and it worked.  I put the spare on the car and it didn’t work. Thus my spare was bad.  Half hour later my Pressure Pro alarm was going off.  It was the one that I took off the car and put on the tag axle was going off.  It said 50 lbs. It had dropped about 30 lbs according to the Monitor.  I checked it with a pressure gauge and it read 50 lbs.  The sensor was leaking which is not real rare.  I put it back on the car and it was fine several hours later.  Bottom line I need one more sensor for one of my tag axles.  I will order one next week.  I’ve ordered from Pressure Pro before and never had a problem – good company.

Tomorrow I expect to hear from Morryde early.

58 days to go..

See ya….

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