Monday, March 28, 2011

Setting In A Shop Again/Friends

We really don’t like setting in a repair shop like a lot of people don’t.  As full timers it’s is just part of the adventure.  We are at RV Renovators in Phoenix (Mesa). We arrived (Monday) and got greeted by people who obviously appreciate RVers for sure. After several hours of talking, measuring, and then wheel & dealing we came upon an agreement for adding 5 cabinets, 2 computer work areas, extend a platform, install our new couch (thru the windshield?)and a few other things.  It will take about two weeks.  We got 50 AMP and can stay in the RV.  Life is good.  They also said they would check and see if they can find a real expert on tag axles to check out our tag. 

During the day Denny & Susie dropped by for a late lunch.  They were in the Phoenix area for routine medical reasons and decided what the hell and came on over.  55 miles one way.  We had a very very long lunch at CiCi’s Pizza.  They have decided not to go to Alaska for personal reasons. Hey, you do what you want/need to do when full timing. We have to take care of our personal cares and needs sometimes to enjoy this life style. That’s just the way it should be.  They will be missed on this Alaska adventure but not forgotten for sure.

Next thing you know we get a call from Bob & Molly (click on their names for info on the Escapade). Their less than 5 miles away at La Mesa RV getting their Tiffin repaired.  Hey, it’s a Tiffin and I ain’t gonna mention nothing about it being in the repair shop AGAIN! Nope, ain’t gonna too!  We jumped into the car and ran over there to the Tiffin repair facility.  They were parked with other Tiffins waiting to be repaired but I ain’t gonna mention nutin bout that.  We went to, I forget the name of the place, Stover’s, Shover’s or something. We talked and talked and talked and talked.  It was really nice. Then they told us that Tommie Sue and Harrell are around here getting their RV fixed too.  We will try to find them tomorrow and harass them. Full timers at repair shops.  Like I said it’s part of being full timers.

We get back to RV Renovators facility late and use our special key to get back into the lot and to our home.   It was a real nice day.  Thank you all…..

50 days to go…….

See ya……

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