Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running Two ACs on 30 AMPS

The guys (Roberts RV Wash) who were going to wash our Dutch Star & car for $35 showed about 9AM ready to go.  About one hour later the three of them finished and both vehicles looked really good. I told them to leave the wheels and tires alone and they looked at them and understood.  After they left I still went out and wiped the coach down without getting on a ladder.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Mama’s carriages are ready for return!

Later that day I decided I was going to run two ACs since it was 84 degrees out and getting a little hot inside.  I needed to unplug the freezer because I’ve been running about 10 AMPs.  I unplugged it and still running 10 AMPS.  I put the frig on LP still at 10 AMPS.  Now I’m on a search mission. Hot water off. Well, after about 15 minutes of doing circuit breakers I found that the engine block heater was on.  Turned it off and wham 2 AMPS.  This thing has been on for weeks.  Their is no indicator on the switch if it’s on or off so I marked the OFF position and turned on two ACs. Ran up to 28 AMPS and the Dutch Star cooled down pretty quick. Then I went back to one AC with the freezer/frig on and ran about 20 AMPS.  That’s doable.  All is well.

Well, I think my Quartzsite Crude is gone.  No more coughing and feeling like poo and not being able to sleep.  My back is almost back to normal as long as I don’t pick up anything heavy or bend over.  Hey, I’m almost an old normal person.

See Ya……..

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