Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire At TTN Wilderness Tuesday AM

Bill Joyce  sent me these pictures yesterday. This happened at the Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA. The couple had just pulled in.  He went to tell the office his space number and she was walking the dog.  They think – not sure, it was from the frig.  The fire truck was there within 10 minutes.  No loss of life.

Mar01-03  I would guess these people are vacationers and not full timers.  Talk about ruining a vacation.  Still sad though.

We just got our Norcold frig updated (recall) last week at this same park near this burnout as a matter of fact.Mar01-04


GEICO was $230 cheaper than State Farm for exact same coverage of Mom Hill’s mobile in Livingston, TX.  What's up with that? Just about every year I call other insurance companies to keep them honest on all of our insurance. 

The King Dome tech was out and declared a circuit board in the dome was bad.  It is covered under warranty except his road call which was $50.  the board will be here early next week.

I cleaned the freezer in the outside compartment from an exploded forgotten soda. It soaks up the amperage.

I shined the wheels on one side of the Dutch Star.  I use Novus #2 which is a plastic scratch remover.  these wheels are coated with Accua Shield which is a plastic type covering.  Most wheels today are like this. I prefer the polish able type because they really  POP out when they are shined.  These wheels really shine but they don’t POP.

Tomorrow is party day……………….?

See ya…..

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