Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tuesday & Wednesday have been a blurrrr.  It hurts to try and remember what’s been going on.  I’ve taken over 300 pictures and haven’t downloaded them yet to go thru them.

Great weather here.  Sunny mid 70s to upper 70s and now even in the 80s.  This is nice.  Wearing shorts is a must.

The dust might settle with what we are doing in the next few days. I will then be able to put some great pictures on here for all to see.  The rally is going great.  Getting students for the driving school before during and after the rally has been an all time low of zero. It must be my orange cones scaring them away.

We’re having trouble with King Dome TV satellite HQ people.  Seems like they are on a different clock than we are on.  They go by a monthly clock on taking care of warranty work.

Redlands Repair will check out our tag axle seal leak if we can just get the thing in there in the next two weeks (our schedule).

Bob Pinner came over to our rig and helped reprogram our rear TV again.  Carol keeps pushing them dog on buttons either to much or not enough.

There’s another RVer here with an RV just like ours so I’m picking his brain about his.

That’s it in a big nutshell.

See ya……………….

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