Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have you ever inventoried your frig freezer?  Ours is so jammed tight I can’t see nor do I try to remember everything that’s in it. I inventoried the Beast. We got enough frozen food for about 30 dinners.  I found shrimp, steaks, roasts, fish both battered and unbattered, chicken, pork chops, stir frys, ground beef, Italian sausage, beef dogs, ground beef,gumbo, smoked pulled pork, blueberries and a couple of unidentifiable bags. I will save the last for ??????? surprise dinner when we have guests.

Well, after 7 weeks (shy 3 days) we got our Magna Shade for the front windshield finally.  It’s missing a part. That sucks. That’s really sad when a RV supplier don’t get your stuff to a buyer in a timely manner and then leave a part out.  They had no problem cashing our check quickly. We thought about ordering side shades but they helped us decide not to.  We had a couch custom built and shipped in less than 3 weeks. More to follow on the quality of this shade.

The company that shipped our transport film to Livingston rather than Yuma finally credited our credit card with the extra & difference in shipping. I had to remind them several times. Poor, poor.

Ghost – we got one in this RV.  He turns on the dash lights, outside lights and locks the compartments.  This has happened several times over the past few weeks.  I always thought it was the animals walking on a switch.  Well, tonight it happened and the cats were curled up asleep and the dog was in her bed.  Carol was gone line dancing.  The Beast has a ghost…

We cooked out with Craig and Terri Lu.  We haven’t done that in several months.  It was pretty nice setting out and eating camper style.  Of course we were using hard plates and real silverware.  What can I say.

See ya……………

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