Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuning The Beast

I decided to go thru the Beast’s box of information again.  I wanted to go over a few things.  Much to my surprise there was the Silverleaf Book that I have been tearing the Beast apart for.  I owe the book to Sharon & Don because they bought the Silverleaf that I had.  Great….. 

Then Carol called me from her line dancing and said the group was going to use my group picture of them that I took yesterday. They plan on getting it enlarged and giving to the attendees.  Hey, more brownie points. 

While going thru the Beast’s books I found paperwork saying this had a keyless entry and even found the remotes.  They aren’t programmed though.  I tried to but no luck.  I got the lights to flash and the horn to beep but the door stayed unlocked. Too many push this and hold thats. Where’s Greg White? I heard he likes working with electrical things lately.  Oh well, someone down the road will figure it out.

Next I recalibrated the holding tanks at least the fresh water. I did it once already but I didn’t like it.  The first time I set it so when it was empty it read empty and when it was full it read full.  Well, if you stop and think about it you really don’t need to those two read outs.  If you don’t have water coming out a faucet you don’t need a gauge to tell you you are out of water…duh. The same with full. If you put water in your tank and it comes out the overfill baffle it’s full…duh. Again you don’t need a gauge to tell you. I recalibrated the fresh water so when it reads empty now I still have about 10 gallons of water.  Same with full it now reads full until I have about 95-100 gallons. The system holds 115+. Gee, I figured that out all by myself. Not all monitoring systems can be calibrated.

We went to the Thai restaurant down in Temecula.  It’s different like a ma pa type place.  The food was OK and not outstanding.  I would return.

That’s it for now…..tomorrow I tackle the frig freezer.

See ya

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