Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday - Tuesday

Here we are at RV Renovators.DSC_0003

We had a Beaver Marquis on each side of us yesterday. We pulled in and they left. What’s that all about.DSC_0001 

Look – everybody has their mirrors upside down except us. Our little 43 footer looks normal maybe even small when we are in here with these 45 footers.  Hey Carol, there not that much bigger.  We are the RV with the  with the saggy windshield cover – not happy about their incorrect fit. Life goes on..  DSC_0004

Now we are feeling at home.  A Tiffin is in for repairs.  I guess it couldn’t make it back to Red Bay. smile..DSC_0002

Tag axle update – yes, it needs to go back into a shop where the people know how to work on them. RV Renovators told me they refer their tag axle problems to Massey Diesel/RV repair and gave me a name to call. Highly recommended. I called this guy Tom and he knows tag axles.  He knew the mistake the others made on ours.  He said it was a normal mistake inexperienced mechanics make when adjusting bearings on a tag. They are NOT the same adjustment as a normal axle. Dick Reed you were right.  This was the root of our problem that Redlands RV/Truck Repair did – improper adjustment of bearings. Keith, the owner, said he would make it good at any repair facility because his company messed it up originally.  OK….He’s a talkin and I want to see if he can do the walkin…

When we get done here at RV Renovators we head 30 miles to the other side of Phoenix to get the tag axle repaired properly. Then we will play around in the Verde Valley area waiting for our departure up north when it gets just a little warmer.

49 days to go…..

See ya………..

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