Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fool’s Day For Sure For Me. And You?

225 miles to go on this fool’s day. It turned out I was the fool.  Remember that electrical problem I’ve been having? Well, Carol called me on our walkie talkie and said there was some smoke coming out of the back of the RV.  My battery gauge was jumping all over the place.  I was watching my side mirrors as I was pulling over.  I could see smoke.  This ain’t gonna be good. I ran to the rear of the RV and now it was really starting to smoke.  You can’t even imagine what ran thru my head for a brief moment at this time. As I was running back up front to get Mac McCoy’s fire extinguisher, I told Carol to come and get the cat. The cat was at the door and Carol grabbed her and I grabbed the fire extinguisher.  I got back to rear and I couldn’t get close enough to the engine to do anything.  The smoke had turned into flames and was starting to roar.  I tried to unhook the truck/razor.  I couldn’t unhook both the bars.  My hair was starting to singe and was just forced away.  My next thought was to get stuff out of the RV.  I knew my time of doing anything was coming to a quick end.  I went back into the RV.  One trip was two computers, cameras, wallet, & money.  The second trip in was a whole different story.  As I entered again the smoke was getting heavy.  I turned to exit and there was a big boom.  I will never forget that sound. 

I next woke up in the ICU unit in a Houston hospital.  Carol said that when I was blown out of the RV I hit my head on rocks when I landed plus I also had some pretty bad burns on my back.  She said I was out cold.  I got air lifted from there to the hospital.  She also said that this all happened many hours ago and that I had been out the entire time. 

The RV, Truck & razor were a total loss, burnt to the ground.  She also said that the Dr’s said I would be here in the hospital about a month.

Now you know how this fool’s day was for us.  Was you fooled too on this day of April first?  I think so. Maybe for a brief moment now that you have read this.

See ya……………