Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time To Move On

These time changes going east are different.  We now have added two hours to the clock just from a couple of days ago.  So now when I get up at 3 or 4 AM  it’s 5 or 6 AM local time.  I don’t go back to bed in other words.  At least not yet.  It’s all part of traveling at a fast pace of 300 miles per day.  We sat out west longer so we have to travel like this to make our Dr appointments in Texas. It’s that simple.

We pulled out about 8:30 AM with another 300 miles to do.

The fuse blew for the left turn/brake light for the tow truck again. After we parked I worked on finding what made the fuse blow several times.  I even changed the plug on the RV.  What a gaggle.  I ended up blowing the fuse for the clearance lights.  Now I can’t find it.  The truck light remains out.DSC_0001



Now that’s a nice color.DSC_0004


Carol notice the trees were taller than 5 feet.DSC_0005


How often do you see 70 MPH in a construction zone?DSC_0008


Fredericksburg, TX.  This town was very heavy with tourists.DSC_0010

I called Hill Country RV Park near Fredericksburg, TX during the day.  I reserved a 75’ pull thru, FHU, 50 AMP, cable TV, free Wi-Fi for $25.

We stopped in Sonora, TX for fuel for the Mariner.  I got $50 to ensure I made it to Livingston.  The Mariner got 41.2 MPG this time.  Ooooh Rahhhhh. Gas was $3.79 and dsl was $3.99.  About the same for Livingston.

We arrive about 2:30 PM and plugged into that 50 AMP immediately.  Our outdoor temp gauge said 100 degrees which I don’t believe but it’s in the 90s for sure.

See ya…………