Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lot What? Tire Came Off While ATVing!

We decided to head for Denny’s and have breakfast. This would be our last breakfast before we go to settlement for the lot today.  The lot if you didn’t already know is here at the Escapees North Ranch near Congress, AZ.  We have a lot of “Old Friends” here and we enjoy being around them.

Being full timers since 2000 we have been lucky enough to have gathered some very good friends.  This place seems to be a gathering place for quiet a few of them.   Some have lots and some just spend a few days or even longer.  It’s a nice place to call home for a couple of months out of the year.  We’ve been in AZ since January except for a week in CA.  We spent one month in the Quartzsite area and then rest basically here at North Ranch.  Carol does her line dancing and I do my ATVing…….life is good…

Denny’s breakfast sucked plus $2 bucks for coffee isn’t getting it for me.  The sausge weren’t cooked and tasted terrible.  The bacon was dripping with grease. It sucked….

We left Denny’s and found a $1 car wash to get the dust off the car.  Next we went to the Chase Bank and got there about 10 minutes before they open at 9 AM.   One person walked up to their doors and looked in.  They opened there doors.  We couldn’t believe it especially a bank.  These people around here seem to go out of their way to help.  We went in and got the cashier’s check needed for settlement.  We were out before 9 AM.

Settlement wasn’t for another half hour.  I thought let’s go to DMV and find out how much it would cost to register/title the razor in AZ.  I was thinking about $400 or so and it would have to wait until next year.  We are out of money!  It cost $33 bucks to register as a motorcycle (normal) for highway use and the permit for off road riding.  That was cool.  We even used our Livingston, TX address.  I walked out with the plate and new title in hand.  That’s cool.

Settlement went smooth.  We are now lot owners at North Ranch.  No utilities on it but we own the land.

Got back and decided to unload the Razor out of the truck and change the tires back to the stock tires.  This turned out to be an adventure.  Don helped me unload the Razor and had no problem.  Next was to change back to the stock tires - front ones first.  I got the lug nuts loose then jacked it up in the front.  It was a hassle but I got the right front tire changed.  No center cap. The wheel caps did not fit these stock wheels.  So I had to take the tire back off – no problem.  Got the bigger tire back on and tighten up.  I then asked Don if he wanted to go for a Weeeeee  ride.  He said sure.  We went out in the BLM desert about a mile and the left front tire started to come off. This was the side that I wasn’t working on but had loosen the lugs to prep to take off.  I forgot to tighten them back up.  ALL the lug nuts were gone and we weren’t moving.  I did tell Don it was a Weeee ride but forgot to mention the walk too. I called Carol and asked her to bring my “stuff” to the edge of the BLM land.  I figured I would take a lug nut off the three remaining wheels and limp back.  As Don and I were walking back to meet Carol we found three lug nuts on the trail.  GREAT!. We met up with Carol and picked up my tools (jack, tire wrench, etc) to take back.  Don’s foot was killing him so Carol took him back in the car.  I ventured back and reinstalled the wheel.  No damage.  I returned back to the Beast safely. 

Carol & I went over to see if Don was OK and to look at their new Tiffin.  It was pretty….the rig not Don.  He was all right but not as pretty though. 

We returned back to Denny & Susie’s lot where we are lot setting.  Denny wanted to take his new Razor to the shop tomorrow in oh I forget the the name of the city.  His muffler isn’t muffling.  I thought it sounded cool but might not pass a U.S. Forest sound test. We borrowed Steve’s new trailer and loaded it up for his early departure 50 miles away.  I gave him my stock wheel to see if he could get a set of caps (4) for them.

Me and Denny sat on the porch at the end of the day and drank a beer.  Today was another adventure that came to a quiet end.  All is well.

See ya…..