Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Full Timer Cleaning

The last time we were here for this rally Carol asked me to get some group pictures.  They have a special time when they would get all dressed up and they had a designated photographer take pictures.  Well, I took pictures last time but stayed out of the way of the their photographer.  When they saw my pictures they used my photos to make copies and give out.  This year they asked Carol if I would be their official photographer.  Of course I will for Carol. Taking a group picture is pretty easy because their not moving.  Animals and birds are the difficult ones to take.

This full timer likes to keep the exterior of the Beast clean and shiny.  I’ve  neglected that over the past couple of months.  I have now completed the front end to include a coat of Aerospace 909.  I use that stuff to help clean the bugs off easier later down the road.  I then wiped down top to bottom the left & right side front.  Those are the areas around the door and then the driver window area.  I also sprayed the tires with a cleaner.  I still have about 2/3 of the coach to wipe down in 3 days.  I might get it done.

Just another quiet boring day….

See ya.