Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy Doing Nothing Again

We made arrangements to get the truck tow brackets  and a supplement braking installed here locally (Phoenix).  Joe Tenpenny recommended a company for us and we are going with them. I forgot their name off hand.  They ordered the parts and hopefully will be in next week.  We had to cancel our trip to the Gypsy Journal Rally.  We are just out of time and really wanted to attend.  We have to get the truck tow ready and in AZ is a pretty good place to have those type of RV things done for us.

Denny & I worked on his NEW Razor.  It had a bad rattle and was getting worse.  It turned out to be a heat shield that was touching the engine that was causing the noise.  Problem resolved.  We then took a quick run in the Razors the back way to the Post Office/gas station.  While at the Post Office I got a call from the Dodge dealer.  They have are our side steps for the pick up.  We got back from the Post Office/gas station and I was off to Phoenix.  I got to the dealer and pulled into the service department.  A half hour later the steps were on and I was gone.  That is service.  I got back to North Ranch and Carol & I went thru our mail.

We are trying to figure out our schedule for the month of March.  We have to go to Carol’s Line Dancing Rally in Hemet, CA of course.  We have to get to Mexico near Yuma to get our dental done.  We have to get the truck ready to tow. Plus there is some entertainment happening in Phoenix we want to see near the end of the month.  Plus I want to get some more ATVing in here at North Ranch. April should be a lot calmer.  Only have to to the medical thing. 

Back to now.  Tomorrow us “guys” are planning an all day trip on the Razors/ATV.  We’re going out where none of us have been before.  It should be pretty neat and I will have my little camera.

See ya…….