Sunday, March 11, 2012

2011 For Us As Fulltimers

January 2011 to January 2012 we traveled 19K miles. Projected mileage for 2012 is under 12K and not due to fuel prices.  We paid as high as $5.19 ($ converted) for fuel in Whitehorse, Yukon. The least was $3.19 in Yuma, AZ.  We used 52 gals of LP.  Remember, we only use LP to cook and the frig uses it when we aren’t hooked up to electric.  We have a Hydro Hot heating system/hot water which uses diesel thus fuel mileage is affected. 

We went thru 21 states, 3 of Canada provinces and several short walking trips to Mexico.

The three high points of 2011 was our trip to Alaska, bought the Beast and sold the RV Driving School. Yes there were many highlights but these came to  mind real quick.

Three low points were Carol’s Mom diagnosed with cancer (doing fine now). Bought the Beast (yes).  And when we left Alaska. And yes there were others.

Lessons learned.  Make sure the wife really loves the next RV.  Stay away from RV Renovators (Phoenix) for floor cabinets.  Not to spend $450 for a Magna Shade windshield cover. We learned loosey goosey traveling with others was great fun.  We learned to enjoy staying a little longer in one stop.  Hell of a lot was learned just about everyday.

Expectations/Goals for 2012.  Carols desires more line dancing.  I desire some Razor rallies/adventures.  We want to stay a little longer at places – more often.  Of course seeing new places via different routes continues.  We (I) have already purchased a truck and a Razor.  We are in the middle of purchasing a lot at North Ranch, Congress, AZ.

We (Carol) are at a line dance rally right now.064

NASCAR racing is on…….

see ya……………..