Friday, March 9, 2012

How Early!!!!!

We got up a little before 5 AM. We pulled out of Denny & Susie’s lot about 5:45 AM.  We arrived in Peoria (Phoenix) about 7 AM.  That was an hour before our scheduled appointment at Charlie Echols RV Repair.SDC12530

It’s not a new place and it looks like a lot of old RVs have been thru here.   I think some are still here.SDC12533  

At 8:10 he pulled the truck in a bay. It had the most work to be done on.  SDC12531

I sat across the street in the Beast watching TV.  Carol  and the kitty slept most of the morning.SDC12532

During all of the this I got an email from the escrow company which included some documents that need signing and returned.  OK I did.  First try too! Of course I assume she will call me if she didn’t get them.

About 4 PM everything was done and checked out.  Their mechanic Bill who did the install was really great.  Very particular and neat about his work.  The boss, Steve, even had to help due to time.

Drove back to North Ranch.  The Beast with its 400 HP Cummins had no problem pulling the 6200 lbs or so truck/Razor.  It did know the difference on take offs from red lights.  It just asked for more fuel.  The trip back was uneventful.

We settled in and spent a short time with Denny & Susie.  Carol wanted to get an early start to get to her line Dancing near Hemet.

See ya……………..