Monday, March 19, 2012

Roof Upgrade and Dental in Mexico

I got a second response from Newmar first thing this morning.  They are due to replace our Luan roof under warranty in May.  Newmar speaks very high of it but I don’t like it one bit.  I call it a piece of thin wood with a rubber coat over it.  I asked what the cost difference would be if they installed fiberglass vice Luan.  Last year they just said NO, they wouldn’t do it.  That was the shop manager.  Now they have responded back with $9,000.  I sent them an email back and reminded them that they already agreed to replace the Luan roof under warranty and I thought it was very high for the upgrade.  They kicked up my request to management and came back with $4,500 for all parts/labor for the fiberglass upgrade.  Done deal…….

We went into Algodones for our dental appointment with Dr. Connie (first name).  Upon arrival we started asking questions. They wanted $50 for my teeth cleaning.  They wanted $150 to repair a tooth (one) for Carol.  You know we just said no thanks and went down the street to American Dental. We went there because we have heard about it for years and years but just never took the effort to check it out.  We now were on a mission.  It was just about 50 feet away and we had walked by it several times earlier.  We get there and talk to Dr Aaron (first name).  He cleaned my teeth for $20. Carol got three fillings and repaired another broken tooth for $140.  So this is our “go to” dental office in the future.

We waited in line for the border crossing about 45 minutes.  Not real bad considering it was 4 PM.

This is a pretty routine for a full timer for cheap dental costs, cheap glasses or cheap drugs in Mexico.

We returned to the Beast and got ready for our RV wash and deportation in the morning.