Friday, March 30, 2012

Las Cruses Road Runner Gone

I decided to get fuel in Las Cruces today vice Anthony, TX.  It’s about 10 cents a gallon cheaper in Las Cruces which will save us about $10-11.  That’s a cheap breakfast somewhere.  As full timers I’m always on the look out for less expensive fuel.  Since I can go over 800 miles without a stop, I do have choices. I use the Flying J/Pilot web page and MSM autos for current fuel prices.  I do not stop at the Ma Pa type fuel stops. It just isn’t worth it if you get a bad tank of fuel.  That’s 150 gallons for me and at $4+ a gallon it’s just not worth it like I said.  Our next fuel stop will be in Sonora for Carol’s car.  It’s about a 850 mile run to Livingston from there.  The Beast might not need any until then depending on it’s fuel mileage of course.  I will fill up in Livingston because it’s a real good price there being under $4 a gallon (dsl).  The Beast will set with a full tank of fuel for one month.

Here we go on our 300 mile day times two.DSC_0001


New Mexico condos….DSC_0003


Which way do we go – which way do we go?DSC_0009


How fast?DSC_0010


House moving day…why pack? Just move the house.DSC_0017 DSC_0019

Not anymoreDSC_0021 DSC_0024


Been here for years…..DSC_0027


Look at the sides of the over pass.DSC_0028


Ain’t that neat.DSC_0029


Here we are at the Passport America near Balmorhea.  $10 Full hook up 50 AMP pull thrus.  We’ve been stopping here for years.DSC_0033 DSC_0036 DSC_0038


That's the Jennings ahead of us.  We told them about this place back at Deming yesterday.DSC_0039

Love’s just west of Las Cruses was $3.75 gas and dsl was $3.98 cash. The Mariner got 39.5 MPG and the Beast got 6.8 MPG.

Road Runner – gone… That big Road Runner art piece that was on the west side of Las Cruces at the rest stop is gone.  It was really neat when you saw it up close.  It was about 30 feet or so high and made out of junk.  Hopefully it is in for repairs.

Summer has arrived here for us in Balmorhea, TX. How does 93 degrees sound.  Oh yea, it’s a dry heat as people say for an excuse.  It’s hot to me!

When it cooled down to the 80’s I found the problem with the tuck’s left tail/brake light not working.  It was a fuse.  I had to call Newmar to find out where the fuse was.  No problem.  After a few minutes they informed me right where it was.  I changed out the fuse and now it works.  Oooooh rahhh…..

Tomorrow we aren’t sure where we will end up.  Not sure if will be too hot to boone dock.  We avoid boone docking in 90 plus degrees.