Saturday, March 24, 2012

Carol Did What!

Today was another nothing planned day.

At 7:30 AM CAROL & I were already washing & drying the Beast.  Yes that’s right Carol helping.  NO, I’m not kidding. Damn I didn’t get a picture of Carol.  We’ve had the Beast for over a year and this was the first time she has helped clean the outside.  The Beast was starting to look pretty dirty.SDC12623 She does do all the inside cleaning and does a real good job of course(brownie points). We went to McDonald's for breakfast.  Hey, two muffins and two coffees for under $6 bucks.

Then it was NASCAR time…

It was now time to change the tires on the Razor.  It had aftermarket wide heavy duty tires.  I wanted to go back to stock tires/wheels for the time being.  One reason was to get into the truck easier.  The other was to get the Razor down to being 50 inches wide again.  A few places across country won’t allow any thing over 50 inches wide to run on the trails.  I don’t have room to carry two sets of tires/wheels. These big wheels I will leave at Denny’s until we get a shed on our lot here.  I took it out for a test run afterwards.  The ride was a lot smoother on these 2 ply tries than the 8 ply tires. I got back and washed the Razor and shined it up for the first time.  It looks good from about 20 feet away. It’s four years old and has been ridden.SDC12622

Tomorrow several of us (5 ATVs) are planning a 20 mile trip (one way). This will be our longest trip for

Carol & I.  All the women are going too!

See ya………..