Friday, March 2, 2012

And Away We Go

NOT!.  It was in the 40’s all day and the wind was howling about 20 MPH.  That makes for a very unpleasant day even just to go outside much less to ride 4 wheelers in the desert.

Carol & I went grocery shopping to get the items that were on sale.  Some food items on sale aren’t really that great of deal always.  We did asparagus for 99 cents a pound – that’s real good.  We also got ground beef 90% for $2.50 lb.  These were the highlights of our day today.

That evening they had line dancing here in the park.  I can’t line dance and don’t like trying to talk over music so it was a no win for me.  Carol really enjoyed herself.

Tomorrow is La Fiesta Day here in the park.  I will go see what that is all about if the winds go away.