Monday, March 5, 2012

New Lot Owners

We made “another” final offer on an empty lot here at North Ranch, Congress, AZ.  The seller refused the offer and increased their counter offer.  We offered the same amount and informed them (agent) they had to 10 AM tomorrow.  Three hours later they excepted our offer.  Tomorrow we go see the real estate agent and start the paperwork.

Full timers like us need a place to land and rest up during the year.  We’ve using my Mom’s lot in Livingston for the past several years.  We usually spend Nov-Dec there.  Then we would go to Quartzsite and spend about a month there.  Mother bought the lot when she was full timing years ago.  It’s not unusual to buy a lot and usually it’s in a RV community.  We will probably spend January thru April in AZ next year.  Yes we will have a few trips during that time.  Some full timers will also use a friend or relatives place to reorganize.  We have used Denny & Susie’s RV space on their lot here at North Ranch.  We have been here for the most part since February.  It’s a loosey goosey affair. They do their thing and we do ours.  Sometimes we do things together.

Earlier today us guys, Ed, Denny, Walt and myself, left North Ranch and headed for the desert.  We even did some mountain climbing with these little motor vehicles on steroids.  These things were challenged today.  Everybody volunteered me to do the most dangerous climb.  I tighten up my 4 point racing harness and went over the big rock and up the hill – SLOWLY!  The rest followed. No pictures of the hard climb because everybody was pretty dog on busy.  Here are some other pics.SDC12493 SDC12495


We don’t travel no where close to this.  We were stopped enjoying the views and are now getting ready to leave. That’s a huge drop to our left.SDC12497

The trail disappeared but we kept going.SDC12498 SDC12501


Walt is trying to figure where we are.  We didn’t care as long as we didn’t have to go down the big hill.SDC12503 SDC12505 SDC12506

We did 29 miles of trails and one real big hill/rock climb.  We got back in time for social hour at Ed’s and Sandy’s place.  A little later my ATV ramps for the truck came in.  Denny & I first tried driving the Razor straight in.  That left the rear tires on the tail gate. Not acceptable.  I then back it up the ramps into the truck.  What a trip.  Now it’s in the bed but can’t close the tailgate.  I knew that already from measuring.  No big deal.  It was getting near dark but still was able to strap it in.  Tomorrow will be the test drive.  I think I will put the stock tires/wheels back on it for traveling. It should be a lot easier to back in. At present I got about an inch on each side getting it in.  Stock wheels will give me about 4-5 inches on each side.  Pictures tomorrow.

See ya………….