Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Full Timer’s Jello

What is Full Timer’s jello?  For us it’s our tentative schedule.  It’s called jello plans because it could and likely changes.  In the last several weeks are plans have probably changed more than ever in the last 12 years of full timing.  Why – because we can is the best overall answer we can give without going into a lot of details. Our schedule starting this Friday and thru the end of this month is pretty tight.  I won’t bother you with it now.

April we will set in Livingston, TX for a month taking care of medical, vehicles, and the lot. Then early May we will head for Newmar in Indiana to replace (warranty) the roof.  It starts getting to be like new jello from there.

Back to today (Wednesday).  I got to watch Denny change his oil/filter in his Razor. Now I know how to do mine.  Then I wanted to take my Razor out of the truck and practice putting it back in. Plus redo the tie downs and so forth.  Well, first ding in the new truck happened. Nothing major.  The truck was setting in Denny’s driveway and the ramps were on the road.  Thus the truck was setting up higher than before.  When I backed in the Razor it bottomed out and scraped the inside of the tailgate.  It also tore about 6 inches of plastic covering off the inside of the tailgate.  Hey, it went in and lesson learned.  The truck/ramps needs to set level or be higher in the front. The Razor is in it’s final destination for awhile.  I would like to get it out when we visit the Yuma area here in about 8 days.  Of course that is after Carol’s Line Dancing Rally near Hemet next week.

We are hoping are install guy is able to make the truck towable ( brakes/tow brackets) Friday.  He called and said that he is hoping to get the tow brackets in Thursday for a Friday install.  If not, the truck will set at Denny & Susie’s place until our return around the 20th.  Then the truck can be made towable.  If we do take the truck (towing) the car will sit here.  It even gets more complicated when you throw in a settlement for the lot on the 21st.  We would also like to see the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix 22-25 March. They got some outstanding entertainment lined up.

We finished the day by going to the Tastee Freez with Denny & Susie for pizza.  Yes, pizza at Tastee Freez and pretty dog on good pizza at that.SDC12511 SDC12512

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be an easy day.  Men’s Thursday breakfast downtown.  Car gets serviced. Carol goes to the Jam Session.  We wait to see if the last parts for truck comes in for a Friday install in Phoenix.  And then we go to Kellie & Sandy’s birthday party. Hey, what could go wrong!

See ya….