Thursday, March 15, 2012

Move 215 miles/Dental-Mexico/RV Wash

I just couldn’t get around to washing the RV.  I called Pilot Knob RV Park which is where we area headed Friday.  I have gotten previous RVs washed there and never had a problem.  I even got a wash and hand wax for $100 the year before last. I lost the outfits number that I usually use once or twice a year.  I went with the people who the park recommended.  This outfit will charge $1 a foot to wash and come with the park’s saying they have had not one complaint about this new outfit’s work.  They will come out Sunday at 9AM.  Done deal.  Of course it hasn’t rained there in awhile and now they are calling for rain there.  We are not sure how long we will be at Pilot Knob.  We have to be back in Congress for settlement Wednesday next week. 

I have a tooth that needs pulling probably and Carol needs a filling.  When we get there to the park on Friday we will immediately head for Algodones, Mexico about 10 minutes away.  We have a dentist in mind.  Hopefully we can get ur done Friday and or Saturday and leave Sunday after the RV wash.  Of course that’s in a perfect situation which we all know the odds of that happening are slim but it’s a goal.  We have a real plan B & C which would just bore most people.

Carol continues to line dance morning, afternoon and tonight.

See ya……………