Monday, March 12, 2012

The Beast’s Ghost

The Beast’s Ghost is back.  He’s been gone for about a month or so.  I was on the internet and about 5:10 AM the ghost returned.  The Beast’s dash lights came on.  The horn tooted twice. We don’t have keyless entry or any alarm system.  All the outside running lights came on.  First I looked for the cat.  She was asleep nearby.  I turned on the dash lights on then off and they remained on.  I pushed several buttons with no luck.  The lights remained on.  I turned on the ignition on then off.  Everything returned to normal.

Last night we had no heat on.  When I got up this morning I turned on the front heat pump and turned off the electric hydro hot heater.  We run about 17/18 AMPS doing this.  Being that it’s only 50 degree’s out this works fine.

Carol left about 9 AM for her line dancing.   We’ve be coming to this area for about 10 years or so.  We’ve seen major changes in the local area around the campground.  During our travels and returning to our favorite spots we have seen changes but not in all areas.  We still like the quiet out of the way places.  This area is just the opposite.  It’s buzzing with all sorts of movement by a lot of people and a lot of stores. then

I shaved and got a short haircut.  That’s not a biggee but I got it done.

Carol did come back for a couple of hours then went back to her line dancing in the evening.  She returned home before her carriage turned back into a pumpkin.

See ya……