Thursday, March 22, 2012

7 AM !

I picked up Ed at 7 AM and we went downtown Wickenburg for Thursday’s Men’s Breakfast.  It’s sort of like the ladies Stick & Bitch gatherings except we have breakfast and talk about important things.  That aught to stir the pot a little.  I think we had eight men at breakfast to resolve the world problems.

When Ed and I got back we decided to take off the front nerf bar of the Razor.  A nerf bar is basically a big heavy hunk of mental to protect the front end.  It’s like a bumper.  It’s something that is usually an after market product.  Anyhow, I figured without this front nerf bar I could drive the Razor on to the truck forward rather than backing it in.  The nerf bar was just too close to my rear truck window with it on.  Plus the rear tires where on the tailgate which is a no no weight wise.  It was very difficult to drive backwards up ramps.  It took us about an hour to get that sucker off.  Ed finally used a torch to cut the bolts off to get the thing off.  I then drove forward up the ramps into the truck and it fit just perfect.  Mission accomplished. The Razor is ready to be hauled all over the country now.   Thanks Ed.

Shortly there after Denny was ready to go out and play in the desert.  He said for me to lead and take out where ever.  We were out for an hour or so.  Denny said he never was out where I took him.  I found some very tight old trails.  It was fun. I carried my new license plate in the glove compartment.  You don’t expect me to to mount it properly that quick do you.

Next it was take some rookies out for fun.  We called Don and he and Frank came and met us at the BLM gate.  We went out for a couple of hours or so.  They both said they enjoyed it.  We even found some mud for them.

Then it was 4 o’clock time.  Sharon/Don, Denny/Susie, Carol & I, Frank/Gloria and Steve all had our little get together.  Then it was off to a Mexican restaurant for diner and sharing of good time stories.  It was another great day with friends.

See ya…………