Friday, March 23, 2012

Nothing Planned

I have nothing planned today.  I usually have something planned.  I have things to do but nothing that has to get done.  I usually get into trouble with days like this.  As a full timer I always have some “stuff” to do with the RV like washing it.  It’s just a matter of getting to it. 

Alaska 2014 quick update– we got a total of five RVs going at this point.  Last time we got up to about 11 or 12 RV’s who said they were going.  We ended up with 6 actually going.

Carol has her line dancing today so she’s enjoying herself.

Somebody bought a nice new car but I was asked not to mention who on the blog so I won’t.   See how easy I can get into trouble.

Carol & I went grocery shopping today and it turned out to be the high light of the day.  We go and buy just the items on sale.  Then we have to make sure the sale item are the same identical item in the newspaper.  It’s a game.  We won today.

Six or so of us are planning a long ATV run this Sunday.  It will be about a 20 miler one way.  This will be the last big run for a few of us here at North Ranch this year.

Nothing planned for today and nothing really done.

See ya…..