Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jello Plans 2012

Our jello plans are adding on places.  A month in Livingston (April) for medical remains the same.  Then to Newmar (May) to replace the roof – same jello.  Then to Md to visit relatives for a couple of weeks – not new but the time frame is. Then we will head west with stops in Wi Dells, Badlands, Black Hills, Devils Tower, Gillette,  Boulder, Moab, North Rim Grand Canyon, Zion Nat Park, Vegas (line dancing), Palmdale, Fresno area, Yosemite, & Marysville (line dancing) AND places in between! Of course this will change but it gives us a rough idea until we want/desire/need to change it.  The only places that are set in concrete (at this time) are Livingston (April), Newmar (May), Md & then the Fresno area (Sep). 

The full timers we know do their travels about the same way we do.  That is they have places they need to be and other places they will probably be.  It’s that simple.  We know of no one that full times and everyday determines were they are going the next day.  Oh it might be ever so often for a short period of time but they have places to be for what ever the reasons.  That’s what’s great about this life style.  We decide when and where for many various reasons.

We will have two RV lots to go to.  One in Livingston, TX and one in Congress, AZ.  If we do so much traveling why have a lot much less two.  One reason is because we can. It’s that simple.  We like both places and have good friends at each.  Livingston has become our place for our “stuff” to rest.  Full time RVers usually give their stuff to other full timers.  Why?  They know it will be used and appreciated.  I gave stuff away while in Congress recently.  Really didn't need the items and someone else could.  It’s that simple.  We will stay in Congress about two months of the year.  We live in our RV at each place.  We have a lot of storage in Livingston and we keep a lot of “stuff” that we have accumulated over the years.  We are pack rats.  For some reason a lot of full time RVers are pack rats.  You wouldn’t think so since we usually only have so much space.  I guess it’s the key word pack.  We do know how to pack.  Just don’t ask us to get anything out because we would have to first remember where the thing is then unpack it.

Yes, Carol is line dancing and I’m rambling on in the blog.

See ya………….