Sunday, March 25, 2012

ATVing It

We all left about 9:30 AM with 20 miles ahead of us one way.  We were going to a place called Wickenburg Massacre.  The route was across the desert with 5 ATVs, 10 people and one dog.  Here we go.

SDC12650First Walt & Kellies dog had to poo and they didn’t stop in time.SDC12626

Which way do we go……SDC12630

Walt forgot where he parked his ATV…….SDC12631

We arrived…..look it up on the internet – very interesting.SDC12645 SDC12635 SDC12639 SDC12642

We were all over the place finding marked graves.SDC12643 SDC12644  SDC12647 SDC12632 SDC12654 SDC12656 SDC12658

Then a little get together back at Lila and Steve’s place.SDC12661 SDC12662

See ya………