Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Early - Again!!!

We were up before 6 AM and was rolling down the road by 6:45.  We had 300 miles to cover to Carol’s Line Dancing Rally. The truck/razor will stay at North Ranch until our return.

FUEL – WE WERE A LITTLE LOW.. First the odometer panel read LOW FUEL.  Then a bright red dot came on in the fuel gauge. Then last a yellow fuel pump came on the dash.  SDC12534 I guess somebody was trying to tell me something.  I went on another 40 or so miles to where I wanted to get fuel.  The Beast was thirsty.  It has a 150 gallon fuel tank. It took 136 gallons at $4.11.  Hey, I had an easy 10 gallons left the way I figured. 

On the way we saw two coyotes crossing the road.  That was pretty neat.  On Interstate 10 we saw AZ finest actually changing a motorist’s tire.  That was pretty neat.  Here are some pictures.SDC12541 SDC12544 SDC12548 SDC12550




Did they really need the yellow sign? SDC12560


Airplane in the middle of the desert…..?SDC12562 SDC12572 SDC12573 

After 300 miles we arrived at Thousand Trails Wilderness in Menifee, CA around lunch time.  We drove around 1/2 the park (545 sites) and found a nice site that was 30 AMP FHU pull thru with some shade.  SDC12579Hey, it’s a full timer thing.  Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you’re not. We were lucky this time.  Oh, you can wash your rig at your site here. Where’s Carol?………She went line dancing already…duh.  Guess I will watch NASCAR.

See ya……