Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year – So What!

Or as I say, just another day of adventures for us.

Our plans for today include getting gas for the Razor.

Later today several of us are planning to take our ladies out for a fu fu ride thru the desert.  That means no 40 MPH thru the river bed side by side. No 25 MPH thru the switch back trails for miles and miles. No playing with snakes if we find one. No just hanging it out next to the ATV’s and wetting the sand next to the tire.  Oh well, it will still be fun. 

I got to check on our mail and see if it arrived at the local post office. 

I got to call Southwest Driveline and get a price for the tow brackets and supplement braking for the truck.

I have to send a copy of my DD214 (military discharge papers) to the dealer for the $500 Chrysler special military rebate.  First I have to find it. 

Also pick up a extra set of goggles for me for the Razor ride.  I’ve been using Carol’s Walmart specials. 

Oh, and we need to move the beast and our 3 other vehicles by noon over to Denny & Susie’s place for a few days.  So, I have to get started…….

Well, it’s the end of the day and I got everything done by noon except the DD214.  Try tomorrow.

A bunch of us went out riding in the desert today.  Three hours and 25 miles later we were back.  All the girls got to drive today.  Here are some pics from the desert and a box canyon getaway.SDC12459

SDC12462 SDC12463 SDC12467 SDC12469 SDC12471

Kellie that’s my job!SDC12472 SDC12474 SDC12476 SDC12477 SDC12478  SDC12480 SDC12482 SDC12485


What can I say other than The Ends! SDC12479

See ya…….